The price we pay

It’s almost as though our cars are out to kill us. Not to be paranoid or anything. But it is … More

Gainesville rocks

I originally wrote this piece last yer for FORUM magazine. But with Tom Petty Weekend in full swing I thought … More

Opening doors

Jackson Sasser didn’t need to bone up on the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui to understand the importance of … More

To the streets

And now we have rainbows at our feet in downtown Gainesville. But, really, who says art is just for walls? … More

When he’s right…

This time I’m with Trump. No, seriously. This time I think he’s on to something. I also want our troops … More

Complete 13th Street

Gainesville-UF strategic partnership priority: Complete 13th Street. Yes, I know, 13th Street already looks finished. It cuts straight through town, … More

The best of times

I love game day Saturdays in my little college town. When we let the Big Gator growl. A win is … More

The center crumbles

Things I’ve noticed while slouching toward Bethlehem The falcon cannot hear the falconer. Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold … More

autoAmerican Anarchy

Time for another autoAmerican Anarchy update. So much carnage, so little time. • Credit alert drivers for ripping the lid … More