The walls know

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autoAmerican anarchy

The Electric Edition. Or…. It’s no secret that Thomas Edison and Henry Ford were pals and sometimes rivals. For a … More

High art in low places

I love this town. Listen, I like a good art gallery/museum as much as anybody. But sometimes you gotta go … More

University Avenue redo

Low-speed zones are a key solution for effective speed management. And by supporting safe active travel, these zones reap a … More

He found truth in art

Angela was taken twice in 1619, once by slave traders and later by pirates who hijacked the ship that carried … More

Our sidewalks are broken

Robert Pearce harbors the quaint notion that public sidewalks ought to be available to, you know, the public. And so … More

Yes, sidewalks matter

Lately I’ve been thinking about Gainesville’s sidewalks. (And before you say it, yes I do have a life.) On my … More

Diplomacy GNV style

Listen. If you haven’t been to City Hall recently you really ought to drop by. Out on the front lawn … More