To the streets

And now we have rainbows at our feet in downtown Gainesville.

But, really, who says art is just for walls? I found this great Andy Warhol quote in Chicago. It was actually stenciled on the street.

My little college town is a city that revels in public art. And it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Listen, if we can have dragons on our walls and wild roosters on our sidewalks, why not rainbows under our feet? Maybe they’ll help put a spring in our step.

The three rainbow crosswalks on 1st Street were authorized by the City to celebrate National Coming Out day. Because we’re that kind of town.

And by happy coincidence, our rainbows serve double duty. Art is an attention grabber. And the colorful crosswalks will hopefully remind drivers to slow down, take in the view and maybe enjoy Gainesville’s carefree, colorful ambiance.

And here’s the thing. Gainesville has blossomed into a city of murals thanks to the city’s 352Walls Urban Art Project.

And having come this far, why waste a perfectly good street when you aspire to be a complete City Of The Arts?

So now comes phase 2. Art In The Crosswalks.

And it’s not like we’re inventing the wheel or anything. Cities across the country, and around the world, are discovering the awesome potential of street art.

It helps keep urban life interesting. Engaging. Vital.

And it reminds motorists to pay attention.

To slow down and think about what lies ahead.

And maybe give the pedestrian a break.

And so we are taking it to the streets here in Gainesville.

Because, like the fella said, art is what you can get away with. And we’re just getting started.

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