The bifurcated cyclist

Guilt is the prime motivating force in my universe. It’s like I’ve got this damned cricket whistling in my head. … More

Sebastian and me

Listen, I’ve cycled this long peninsula. The Forgotten Coast, Horse Country, Florida’s Eden, The Loop, Suncoast…you name it I’ve likely … More

Thanks GNV

It was a perfect Thanksgiving morning. Clear, sunny, chilly and…well…pretty much running a people deficit. Just the sort of day … More

Oh the things I saw

Jill and I are visiting my daughter in Bethesda this weekend. I managed to duck out of a day of … More

The vision thing

Pegeen Hanrahan was working in the county environmental protection office when Gainesville Regional Utilities bought the old Gainesville Gas Company. … More

Good enough for GNV?

In regard to the proposed redesigning of University Avenue: Ten years from now, maybe sooner, Gainesville will regret that we … More