Shades of Sebastian

Things I saw on my bike ride from Barefoot Bay to Sebastian. (Or really cool things you can do with … More

Bagging the depredators

Apparently the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission may increase the bag limit on black tip sharks because…..they are “depredators.” … More

GNV’s Greek Chorus

In the 1983 film “Local Hero” Burt Lancaster is a Texas oil billionaire with issues. Who hires an aversion therapist … More

Is this the future of news?

My piece about the rise of non-profit news organizations in Florida. Just published in the Fall issue of Forum magazine.

Mystery solved

Finally we know whose been pulling all the strings around here. This thanks to Gabe Kaimowitz upon launching his latest … More

Lessons of the seashells

Here’s my interview with Gainesville author Cynthia Barnett as published in the Fall 2021 issue of Forum magazine, a publication … More

So many questions

Listen, I gotta ask: 1. Now that City Manager Lee Feldman has resigned, do we have to keep calling everybody … More

Kant Faux goes lower

Seriously, is there anything UF President Kent Fuchs won’t do in the service of his beloved Gov. DeathSantis? Forbid faculty … More