Not one more

We have known for decades that University Avenue was unsafe for anybody who is not wrapped in a steel automotive … More

The Unforgettable Coast

Another edition of the Armchair Traveler In The Age of Covid. Let’s take a trip along Florida’s Forgotten Coast. An … More

Just don’t blame us….

Thank goodness for the Florida Department of Transportation. If it didn’t exist, Gainesville would have to invent it. Because whatever … More

Another looking glass

It has been many Covid months since last I visited the Harn…one of GNV’s truly magical places. I finally returned … More

We must never forget

Rioters, some dressed in military fatigues, scaled the historic walls of the Capitol, piercing the very heart of American democracy. … More

Our deadly streets

It must be a new year because we’re wringing our hands, again, over people getting run down in the streets … More