The bifurcated cyclist

Guilt is the prime motivating force in my universe. It’s like I’ve got this damned cricket whistling in my head. … More

In search of Sweetwater

Back when GNV was a railroad town Sweetwater Branch, which ran through the middle of downtown, was something to brag … More

A walk along the Sweetwater

Sweetwater Branch Creek is Gainesville’s most disrespected waterway. Running through the heart of GNV, the creek has, over the years, … More

The substance in our shadows

While we’re on the subject of Black History Month, here’s another must-see GNV exhibit: “Shadow to Substance.” It’s currently on … More

Something happened here

Not to make anybody feel uncomfortable or anything. But this is Black History Month, and Gainesville and the University of … More

Another traffic death

A spray of dead flowers propped on a concrete pole was a sad reminder that something terrible had happened at … More