9th ray of the sun

Of course by the time John Carter got to Mars it was already too late. Great civilizations had crumbled. Oceans … More

Governing is hard

A moment of silence to mourn the passing of Governing. In the world of “fake news” and global media conglomerates, … More

Why I ride

People are all the time asking me why I ride. Isn’t it dangerous? Don’t you worry about getting hit by … More

Days of wine and poses

We spent five weeks this summer on Otty Lake, in Lanark County Ontario. And I probably took a hundred sunset … More

Two paths diverge

Donald Trump will not be the next President of our United States of America. Yes, I know. I have heard … More

Come the revolution

“Scooter horror is coming to Gainesville!” I saw that comment on Facebook. Oh, the humanity! Soon there will be e-scooters … More