Breaking the code

When he was Speaker of the Florida House, Ralph Haben had a favorite phrase he trotted out when someone finally … More

The right to work

Florida is a “Right To Work” state, which, perversely, means that while you may have a right to work, you … More

The electrics are coming

The young lady zipped along 13th Street on a rental e-scooter, grocery bags precariously swinging from the steering handle. On … More

Courage in the academy

The Gators will very likely beat the Gamecocks when they meet on the football field later this fall. But make … More

Great expectations

I’m pleased to report that, as of today, it’s all systems go for Saturdays at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Full … More

The great unifier

Once again I find myself rising to the defense of Gov. Ron DeSantis. Yes, it’s a dirty job. But someone’s … More

Rigatoni Ron

This is why people hate government. Ron DeSantis says it ought to be an inalienable parental right to decide whether … More

The great usurpers

Andrew Jackson invaded St. Marks and Pensacola, hung two Brit subjects and slaughtered more than 270 free Blacks, escaped slaves … More