The best of times

I love game day Saturdays in my little college town.

When we let the Big Gator growl.

A win is always best. But The Swamp rocks either way.

Hey, where else can you get food and a lawyer at the same tent?

And don’t get me started on the, um, libations.

And you want to talk people watching. Watch this…

Need to drum up a little enthusiasm? The drum will come to you.

Not to mention the drummers.

And the flag tossers.

Get your photo taken with the big reptile.

Or the Bronze Age heroes.

Or the cardboard cutout ball coach.

Maybe catch up with icons of football glory past.

Fed up? There’s a video for that.

Prophets and pundits? We got ’em.

Here tailgating is an art form.

And spend a little money why don’t you. Capitalism isn’t that weird.

Climb the spiral stairway to gridiron heaven.

Make it a party.

See and be seen.

University Avenue is closed to cars and open to carbon-based life forms for a change.

And parking is a cut throat competition.

Walk the Walk of champions.

See the cops ride in sync.

And who knows. On a clear evening you might even spy the Great Gator In The Sky.

We won’t back down.

I love this town.

And the next Saturday is gonna be epic.

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