So many questions

Listen, I gotta ask:

1. Now that City Manager Lee Feldman has resigned, do we have to keep calling everybody in Gainesville “neighbor’? It’s getting a bit tedious. Heck, most of us don’t even like each other.

2. Did Mayor Lauren “Poe-Must-Go” earn any points for reading a proclamation commending firefighters right after their union called on him to resign? And now that the commission has rescinded the vaccine mandate must Poe Still Go?

3. Speaking of Poe: Why is he ducking the question Debbie Martinez keeps throwing at him? Is he running for Congress or what? Is he just running the meetings? Will he run out for pizza?

4. Which raises another question: Is Debbie Martinez running for Congress? Is she worried about competition?

5. What exactly should the proper punishment be for a commissioner who “flipped off” city employees who shouted obscenities at her as she walked into City Hall? Should we wash out her mouth…err…her finger…with soap?

6. Question for Nathan Skop: Should the “Gainesville White Liberal Elite” you keep talking about be upper case or lower case?

7. Also for Skop: Do the city commissioners who keep playing “Jedi mind tricks” on our neighbors carry those cool light sabers? If so, are they city-issued?

8. Is Gainesville gadfly Don “The People’s Representative” Shepard really going to run his mayoral campaign on an “I’m an ex mafia man…I’ve lived the life on the other side” platform? “I would leave that part out of your campaign literature,” Mayor “Poe-Must-Go” gently advised.

9. Is it true that, after their tumultuous three hour “fire-the-superintendent!” shout-fest on Wednesday, school board members got a sympathy card from the city commission? I hear it said “Welcome to our world, neighbors.”

10. If Gainesville didn’t exist, would Gov. Ron DeSantis have to invent it? So far our President-in-waiting (for Trump to make up his mind) has demonized the city for trying to mandate vaccinations, chastised the school system for requiring masks and the rebuked the county for issuing emergency Covid orders.

So much red meat coming out of one little Democrat country.

No, don’t thank us Ron. That’s what liberal college towns are for.

11. And here’s a bonus question: Now that “Every Path Leads to Passion” has lost its passion, and “Citizen Centered” lost traction, doesn’t Gainesville need a new motto to fit the city’s mood? Here’s my suggestion to kick things off:

“Gainesville: You got a problem with that, pal?”

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