Kant Faux goes lower

Seriously, is there anything UF President Kent Fuchs won’t do in the service of his beloved Gov. DeathSantis?

Forbid faculty from requiring students to mask? Check. Host superspreader events every game day Saturday? Check. Just say no to vaccine mandates? Check.

And now give the governor’s new Surgeon General a prestigious appointment to UF’s College of Medicine for a combined salary of $462,000 a year. Check.

Listen, you have to go back to the dark days of the Johns Committee to find UF leaders who more slavishly kowtowed to political bullies than the ones now occupying Tigert Hall.

So what’s wrong with welcoming Dr. Joseph Ladapo into UF’s august medical community? Nothing, unless you consider that the guy has gained national notoriety for his anti-fax, anti-mask, anti-social distancing rants.

A doctor who seems to think he can write a prescription to “reject fear.”

And who hangs out with other docs who blame “lizard people” and “demon seed” for causing public health problems.

Nothing “special” about vaccines, Ladapo scoffs. “It’s been treated almost like a religion, and that’s just senseless. We support measures to good health. That’s vaccination, losing weight, exercising more, eating more fruits and vegetables, everything.”

Go ahead, just try fighting off Covid on an avocado diet.

If he talks like a quack, walks like a quack and acts like a quack, does it really matter that Ladapo was educated at Harvard?

But wait a minute. UF didn’t just hire this guy in the dead of night and hope nobody would notice. There must have been a thoughtful, methodical process involved.

Reports the Sun: “…UF was told by DeSantis’ office that Ladapo was under consideration for state surgeon general and that the doctor separately and independently reached out to UF about a potential job opportunity filling an existing vacant position in the College of Medicine.”


Heck, there was even a faculty vote on Ladapo’s appointment. Alas, “the results of the vote are confidential.” We can only assume that the UF docs who lined up to urge the school board to require masks demurred.

How embarrassing. And this with the ink hardly dry on the U.S. News and World Report ranking UF No. 5 among American public universities.

And after DeSantis previous Surgeon General, also a UF faculty member, was sent packing because he wasn’t bullish enough on the DeathSantis Covid line.

How low can Fuchs go? I fear Gator nation hasn’t even begun to hit rock bottom.

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