When in San Francisco

In which I brave Delta, endure a seven-hour unscheduled layover in Salt Lake City and then land in a fog-and-wind swept night just to spend a couple of days in San Francisco.

This is not the first time I’ve visited the City By The Bay. And it won’t be the last. It’s one of my favorite cities,

Want to know how to freak out your adult son. Look him in the eyes and say: “I really love this town. I think I’ll move here!”

The first thing I did was get to Fisherman’s Wharf and rent an e-bike for the trip across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito. On the second day I stuck to conventional bikes for old time’s sake.

Sausalito is a laid back resort town with lots of restaurants and a very nice ferry ride away from SF. Plus elephants.

My son is among the polar bears who like to swim in the Bay. He told me that seals keep popping up in front of him. And if you get bitten by one you have to go to the emergency room for shots. Turns out they are floating bacteria factories.

About that ferry. It’s cheap, scenic and you can take your bike aboard. Great photo ops.

A blank wall is a wasted wall in SF. They are everywhere.

And some of them are quite, um, remarkable.

Ghastly even.

Even pointed to the point of being blunt.

If I’ve taken one photo of the bridge, I’ve taken 100. It’s quite addictive, really.

It’s also known as a rather, um, bleak tourism destination.

Rocky shores and crashing waves funneling in from the Pacific make this a rather daring sport.

You’ve seen the movies. Getting tickets to see the real thing is no easy task. My son has done the “Escape from Alcatraz” swim and it’s quite a jolting experience.

Yeah, I know it’s a famous building in its own right…something to do with fine art I think. But you gotta admit that “The Rock” was a great action flick.

Just wander for a while and notice the signs that are all around you.

This was one of my favorite, taken some years ago.

It is no easy bike ride to the top of Lands End. But it’s worth the effort.

SF is a showcase for urbanism, tactical and otherwise. One of the positive things to come out of the Covid lockdown was the appropriation of many street-side parking places for conversion into outdoor cafe seating.

And if you think that cars are driving too fast on your neighborhood street, why, feel free to do something about it.

Within hours of arriving in SF I had acquired Clipper (bus) Lime (scooter) and Lyft (bike share) apps. Only took one Uber ride and it cost $45. Steep hills notwithstanding, this is a quite bikable city.

Just because.

I won’t say that there are no cookie-cutter houses in SF. But they tend to come from quite distinctive cookie cutters,

You can’t walk more than four blocks in this town without running into a park. Golden Gate Park alone gives NYC’s Central Park an inferiority complex.

City scapes.

Lines and shadows and fog, oh my!

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