What would Flagler think?

It is a city under the sun. The oldest continually occupied European city in the New World. Ageless.

But if you have ever been to St. Augustine at this time of the year….

You know that when the sun goes down…

Something magical begins to happen.

Everything begins to change in the light and the shadows and the hues.

St. Augustine makes its own sunlight.

From the Matanzas River.

To the town square.

A symphony in black and white.

And, really, it’s something to see.

Like a whole city wrapped up in tinsel and colored bulbs.

Faces fade while facades brighten.

Entire houses come gift wrapped.

And if I you happen to be looking at it all through your hotel window, the reflections themselves are seductive.

As the city rolls slowly by beneath you.

And the creatures of the night come out to play.

And you find yourself wondering: What would Henry Flagler make of all of this?

And indeed, what would the Lion of St. Augustine make of it all?

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