Our story so far

We are 10 days into our Great American Trail Trail Expedition from D.C. to the Mississippi River. Here’s our story so far:

Miles ridden : 383.6

(Woulda been a lot more but we suffered those two “we almost died” adverse weather incidents that drove us off the C&O and GAP trails several miles short of our intended goals.)

States cycled: Maryland: Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, (Not to forget (“No taxation without representation”) D.C.)

Still ahead: Indiana, Illinois and whatever’s just on the other side of the Mississippi River

Trails ridden so far: Rock Creek, Capital Crescent, C&O Towpath, Western Maryland, Great Allegheny Passage, Panhandle, Cotton Creek, Zoar Valley, Ohio and Erie, Sippo Valley, Heart of Ohio, Howard County, Mohawk Valley, Kokosing Gap, Sandel Legacy, Galena Brick, Hoover Scenic, Genoa, Alum Creek.

Stay tuned.

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  1. If your journey takes you to my old home town of Springfield, Ohio, check out Snyder Park. Long before I ever heard the phrase “green space” Snyder Park was proving it across what was once a factory town. You’ll also find an opportunity to sip beer made in a former casket factory. Gary

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