What’s new and exciting at The Harn?

I try to get to the Harn every few months to keep up with what’s new and exciting at GNV’s premier art museum.

And let me tell you. There’s a lot that’s new and exciting at The Harn right now.

Talk about your mixed messages. You’ll find both the satanic and the sublime.

And man’s inhumanity to man. Not to mention man’s inhumanity to women.

And if you can but just read between the lines, there is much to decipher.

But never mind that. Let’s talk about two current exhibitions that are – or should be – generating a lot of buzz right now.

Start with Posing Beauty. An amazing exhibition of African American images that will run through June 4.

This from The Harn: “Posing Beauty in African American Culture explores the ways in which African and African American beauty has been represented in historical and contemporary contexts through a diverse range of media including photography, video, fashion and advertising.”

Listen, these images are by turns striking, shocking, sweet and seductive.

Eye openers, no question.

Just don’t try to make them over. Accept them for what they are.

Because what is life if not “wondrous diversity”? (I stole that phrase from Morgan Freeman. But I don’t think he’ll mind.”

Hey, remember the Brady Bunch? Well this ain’t it.

All I am saying is, give Posing Beauty a chance. It will definitely open your eyes.

But, wait! There’s more.

Right next door is the AWE-some exhibit, on display through May 14.

This being, according to The Harn, a “recognition of several brilliant, dedicated photographers, their time, their actual prints (not on a screen) and why they made them.”

All I’m sayin’ is that you really ought to experience these awesome images for yourself.

You will see something of the real refugee experience. And the rubble of a ruined city.

Plus ice bergs and swamps and swimming critters oh my!

Oh, and the coolest part of this exhibit, in my humble opinion, is a tribute to shutter bugs. Call them the pioneers who made snap shots a thing generations before the iPhone made our selfie-self gratification so quick and easy.

Listen, if you want to try to make sense of all this, you need to get yourself to The Harn and break the code for yourself.

Otherwise, what is life, the universe and everything for?

BTW, this is me palling around with Denzel. You’re welcome.

Is this a great town or what?

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