To all my friends, followers and ships at sea

That’s right. All three of you.

A blog that will live in infamy.

When I began this blog, several years ago, I concocted the most preposterous blog title and site address. I mean, seriously, who invents a name like Floridavelocipede? No normal person, I can assure you.

Anyway, some time ago I went ahead and renamed my blog FreeGNV. It was short, sweet and reflected the fact that much of my blog content, maybe even most of it, would be about that notorious college town that we like to call GNV for short.

Thing is, I never did get around to changing the FreeGNV’s official site address, so it remained Floridavelocipede. Insane, right? Who does that?

But no more. As of now, calling up my blog is as simple as typing on your web browser. Short, sweet and to the point

No, don’t thank me. (Really, don’t.) I shoulda done it years ago.

BTW. If you want to email me, please do so at

More new stuff to come soonest. Stay tuned.

Ron (aka the Great Procrastinator).

Hey, you gotta problem with FreeGNV pal? Then you gotta problem with me!

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