Hendersonville interlude

It was a nine hour drive from GNV to the Irby cabin, tucked away on a small mountain outside Brevard N.C. Just three guys on a four-day getaway from the Florida heat and humidity.

It rained all the way up. It rained through the night. It rained all the next day. Our stacked hiking gear and road bikes – hauled so many miles in anticipation of use – mocked us. What to do?

We went to Hendersonville for lunch on a rainy Labor Day afternoon. We saw a sign that said “Parade Canceled”. But despite a steady rain there were still people strolling downtown streets. And why not? Hendersonville has a great downtown.

They have a thing about bears in Hendersonville. Don’t ask me why.

Apparently Eliot Ness couldn’t shut this speakeasy down. But a shortage of kitchen staff did the trick.

So I reflected on downtown street life. Or rather I reflected on reflections of downtown street life.

And reflected. And mused.

And ruminated.

The walrus thought it was time to talk about shoes and ships and sailing wax. But what of chop shops and dishes?

Apparently the rain was so bad that they even threw a tarp over the town fountain. Maybe tomorrow the clouds will part and we will be able to ride and hike.

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