An optimist for America

Dear America. Look at it this way:

Most of us will never have to get an abortion. So why worry that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe V Wade?

And most of us will never be in a situation where some cop is either going to, or not going to, read us our Miranda rights. So why fret about the court eating away at due process? Isn’t it only criminals who need that sort of thing?

And let’s just be honest about this.

The mathematical odds that most of us are going to either have our children gunned down in school or be personally perforated in a shopping mall/church/movie theater (choose your favorite shooting gallery) or otherwise slaughtered at the hands of a nut with a gun are slim.

So what if the “high court” has ruled that anybody’s right to carry a gun outweighs the right of those unlucky caught-in-the-crossfires to simply exist?

And yes, intellectually I suppose it is interesting to speculate on whether the court really demolished that invisible wall between church and state when it ruled that Maine can’t deny money to schools that teach religious doctrine.

But really, how many of us send our kids to school in Maine?

Oh, but did you see that thing about how Kim Kardashian ruined Marilyn Monroe’s dress? Now there’s an American atrocity!

I’m being fatuous of course (mainly because I’m really proud of the fact that I can spell fatuous, which in real life doesn’t sound nearly like it’s spelled).

And all of the above rationalizations would be perfectly acceptable if we truly have devolved into a nation of self-interested individuals who care little for the common good.

I don’t believe that. I choose to believe that E pluribus unum lies still at the very heart and soul of America. And that over the next two election cycles American voters will validate this republic’s mantra, “out of many, one” by making a major course correction.

That good and decent Americans will not much longer abide what’s been happening to our “United States of America“ in this post-Trump era.

I’m not worried about the future of my country. Because I’m an American optimist.

I have been an American for all of my 74 years. I believe in America. I believe that, by and large, we are a compassionate people united in common cause.

I believe that we Americans will not long abide a political party that has decided its ascendency hinges on making all of us hate and fear each other.

Listen, I am not a sunshine patriot. I have been to war in the service of my country. Neither am I naive – these really are the “times that try men’s souls.”

I must believe that come, the mid-term elections, Americans of possessed of conscience and good will are going to take stock of what’s been happening in their country.

That they are going to reject this corrosive political wave that is intent on dividing us against each other – by race, by gender, by economic class, by religious creeds, by zip codes…

That voters will say no to cynical politicians who believe they can grasp and hold power by making Americans hate and fear fellow Americans.

I have to believe this.

Because the alternative is simply too dreadful to contemplate.

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