With a little help from our friends

Hello. If you have been following our Facebook page (Sweetwater Branch Greenway Loop) you already know that a handful of GNV residents have been promoting a vision to create a greenway along the path of Gainesville’s Sweetwater Branch Creek and then link it up with the 6th Street Rail-Trail.

And so far, there is reason for optimism that this vision may become reality.

Consultants working on a master plan for downtown Gainesville have recommended such a greenway.

And at a recent city commission meeting to discuss a priority list for next fall’s referendum to renew the Wild Spaces Public Places sales tax, several commissioners specifically mentioned the Sweetwater Branch Greenway as a likely project for inclusion.

So we are cautiously optimistic.

That said, we believe there is a pressing need to build community support for the Sweetwater Branch Greenway. And in recent discussions we have talked about organizing a network of friends – Friends of Sweetwater – who can help us make this vision a reality.

In a future post I will have more to say about Friends of Sweetwater Branch Greenway and about how you can become involved.

In the meantime, please keep following our page and please do think about how the creation of this greenway loop can not only help restore and rehabilitate a much abused creek – GNV’s First Creek – but also help improve the quality of urban living in the heart of GNV.

Thanks so much.

Ron Cunningham. AKA the shadow on the bike.

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