Whales, a tree, sea lions…and beer

So while I was visiting my son in San Francisco we decided to take a quick trip down the coast to Monterey….and therein lies the tale.

The last time I was in Monterey was something like 35 years ago. The New York Times sent me to a conference there about who the hell remembers now?

But I do remember that when I got to the San Francisco airport to collect my rental car, they told me “Sorry, but we don’t have any economy cars left. Would you accept this?”

This turned out to be a red Mustang convertible. I am all about sacrifice, so I said “Sure!”

But that was then. This time they had plenty of tiny economy cars. So we rambled on down the rugged coast in something less than style.

Close up of Bird Island with a cleverly imposed far off shot of Bird Island because I am all about art.

This is the Lone Cypress, on Pebble Beach. It is reputedly one of the most photographed trees in the world. So I came, I saw, I clicked and clicked and clicked again.

More trees. More rugged coastline. Infographic because, you know, blogs ought to be educational.

Bird 1: Waddia wanna do today?

Bird 2: I dunno. Waddia wanna do today?

Bird 3. I dunno. Ask bird 4.

You can only take so much rugged coastline until you need take yourself to Carmel for a beer.

Seriously? Cannery workers? They look more like frat boys.

Painted men staring at a painted hole in a painted boat. How ancient mariner is that?

Time, tide and crumbling concrete wait for no man.

Seals or sea lions? What difference does it make? They’re both peddipeds…I mean pinnipeds.

Seals watching whale watchers watching seals.

In which we watch whales…and dolphins.

Being a trained observer, I missed not a one.

This is where I should toss in some profound quote by John Steinbeck. But to hell with that, read him your own damned self!

Ok, fine: “Cannery Row in Monterey in California is a poem, a stink, a grating noise, a quality of light, a tone, a habit, a nostalgia, a dream.” John Steinbeck. Happy now?

Came. Saw. Did not get seasick. Had another beer.

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