I just gotta ask

Fresh off his season of legislative victories, Gov. Ron DeSantis is spewing red meat in all directions.

And, listen, don’t try to tell me this guy doesn’t have ambition.

At a press conference in St. Pete, His Excellency took the opportunity to complain about Florida’s constitution. In particular about how it doesn’t give enough power to….you guessed it…the Governor.

“This goes back to political theory,” DeSantis groused. “You go back and read Alexander Hamilton on how the Constitution was structured. Read Hamilton on executive authority. He would not have liked parts of the Florida Constitution….He would not have liked the fact that you have a Cabinet system of government where the executive power is splintered in certain areas.”

Not to quibble with the Guv, but I just gotta’ ask.

Since when did we Floridians give a flip what Yankees think about the way we do things down here?

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