City of light, shadows and dancing waters

Call it the spring break road trip from hell. A five-day trek from GNV to Athens, Athens to Knoxville, Knoxville to Savannah and home again.

On the fourth day there was a grueling 8-hour rain-plagued slog from Knoxville through the mountains to the traffic nightmare that is Columbia and then onto I-95…moving ever south toward home.

For a while we toyed with just pushing on…another 3-plus hour drive to sleep in our own beds.

But the hotel room in Savannah was paid for. And fatigue was setting in. And we hadn’t been there in years. So stop we did.

Just a brief overnight. But it was wonderful.

Because Savannah is a city of infinite surprises.

And endless choices.

A city where one must sometimes peer through mists to see what lay beyond.

A city of dancing waters that, for just an instant, transform into mystical shapes before inevitably surrendering to gravity.

Is that a grinning gator head? Is that young woman still watching for a love who was long ago lost at sea?

Neither could leaden gray skies and falling rain dampen Savannah’s ebullient mood.

Because this is a city that knows what revelry goes on behind lighted waters.

It is a city to reflect upon life’s finer things.

Or perhaps to reflect on life’s absurdities.

Or simply to reflect on life, the universe and everything.

A city in which one may assume whatever face one cares to wear on the whim of the moment.

A city that hasn’t forgotten its roots.

Nor its obligations to those who answered the call.

A city born in the maritime tradition.

And living still by and on the sea’s restless call.

Yes, a city of industry. And a city where ships still come and go to and from all points of the globe.

A city that knows how to turn its old liabilities into new assets.

How to reinvent itself.

A city that knows how to keep its secrets.

While putting on its best face in the light of day.

A city of sharp lines and angles and perspectives.

And a city of of colors. Oh the colors!

Where a dad can still discuss the finer points of art with his daughter…even if she would rather be on the ghost tour.

This Savannah. This city of light, shadows and dancing waters.

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