Oh sure, blame us

Why us world?

I just want to know when The Sunshine State became the Scapegoat State.

Blame Florida for screwing up an election. Sure, why not?

And while we’re at it, let’s make a national joke out of Florida Man. As if Alabama Man, Georgia Man, Tennessee Man and the rest of ‘em were all Rhodes Scholars.

Now Southwest Airlines had to cancel hundreds of flights, leaving passengers stranded and fuming all over this great U S of A.

Why? Because Florida.

“Florida is just a critical node in our network,” Southwest CEO Mike Van de Ven told USA Today. “So when we have a disruption, a significant disruption, in Florida, it tends to spread to our entire network. And that was the situation that happened to us on Friday.”

What? What? What?

Exactly what “significant disruptions” was old Mike jawin’ about?

That blizzard in Tampa?

The tornado that destroyed Orlando?

The hurricane that blew Miami out to sea?

Give us a break, Mike.

How comes what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but what happens in Florida becomes a national punchline?

Climb down off a our backs, world. Florida has feelings too, you know.

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