So Terry Fleming…so GNV

One year ago today, Terry Fleming, everybody’s favorite Gainesville activist, died suddenly. The city has declared today Terry Fleming Day…a suitable honor for a man who was always in the forefront whenever and wherever the FOG (Forces Of Good) settled over Gainesville.

It is no exaggeration to say that Terry was into everything. Tireless champion of LTGB rights. Pragmatic political reformer. Behind the scenes campaign strategist. Downtown revival advocate. Environmentalist. You name it and Terry was into it…and never in half measures.

Today the most visible traces of Terry’s legacy are the downtown Rainbow street crossings that Fleming masterminded to celebrate Gainesville’s PRIDE.

With his colorful “street art” vision in mind, here something the city should do to cement, and extend Terry Fleming’s rainbow legacy.

Around the country, and around the world, cities are employing “street art” not only for art’s sake, but also to “calm” traffic.

“As people motor through the neighborhood, murals catch the eye, situate the mind, and lighten the right foot,” notes Fast Company.

Gainesville’s Vision Zero plan (We Propose To Eliminate Traffic Deaths…By 2040) lacks both vision and imagination.

A city that dressed itself up with its wildly successful 352Walls program can do better. We suggest the Terry Fleming 352Streets Initiative that would deploy street art to both beautify Gainesville’s streets and make them safer for cyclists, pedestrians and other living things.

That would be So GNV. And So Terry Fleming.

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