Mirrors and hammers

And while we’re on the subject of The Harn.

I went there on Sunday to review it’s latest acquisition, the Florida collection. And it was truly impressive.

But as with any first-rate art museum, there is always something else to attract the eye at The Harn. Because what is art, after all, but a reflection of life, the universe and everything?

I couldn’t take my eyes of this photo for the longest time. It was mesmerizing.

Call it the revenge of the disobedient women. Feminism will not be denied, even in the most women-repressive cultures.

And then, just a few steps away, was this brutalist image of a world that all too many of us find much too uncomfortable to acknowledge.

The politicians are mad at corporate America right now because some companies are speaking up for our voting rights. The pols want companies to just shut up and give them money.

But Tirado reminds us that the capitalism has far greater sins to answer for than larding the political class with dollars.

And that’s the marvelous thing about The Harn. It constantly reminds us that we are, therefore we must think.

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