My Florida state of mind

While we’re waiting for The Next Big Thing to happen, lemme brag on my state for a piece.

I’ve cycled it. I’ve driven it. I’ve hoofed it. Now I’m gonna show it off.

But I’m not going to talk about my Florida indiscretions. Some things are best left unspoken.

Rumor has it that Little Marco came here to find out if he was gonna be president.

Take a drive on the wild side why don’t you…just don’t get stuck in the sand.

How can any living creature look so graceful in the air and so ungainly on the ground?

Even with a fat tire bike you can only ride so far north on Anastasia beach before the sand drags you down. And then there’s the guano…

Went through Greenville on a Bike Florida tour once. They put Ray in the town park, right next to a lovely pond.

Took this shot on another Bike Florida ride, this time in Pinellas County. It’s either a stunning sunset or a nuclear explosion…I forget which.

What to say about Floral City? Not much. But it’s got wonderful oak lined streets and really nostalgic graffiti.

This stretch of greenway is midway between Port St. Joe and, sadly, what’s left of Mexico Beach.

As Ponce de Leon said just before they hit him with that poisoned arrow: I’ll be back.

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  1. Loved this – thank you! I have lived in Florida for decades and still never tire of the novelty of warm winters and beautiful sun dappled Spanish Moss lined dirt roads. It’s a beautiful place. I’ve never been to the Old Dixie highway, even though I travel to Flagler often. Will check it out on my next drive. Thank you for taking the time to bring a bit of beauty into our day!

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