Between the signs

Listen, I’m glad to see they’re putting more signage on University Avenue to remind drivers to slow down and pay attention.

But signs like “Caution” and message boards showing drivers how fast they are going seem rather tepid and half-hearted to me.

How about signs like these? Call it LED food for thought.

Or maybe just randomly scatter a few of these signs on the ground. You know, to guilt trip drivers.

Speaking of which: Isn’t it time to stop coddling drivers and just be honest with them?

Conversely, we could just ask motorists to just be patient while improvements are in progress. Heck, that’s worked beautifully so far in autoAmerica.

And maybe something to remind pedestrians that they can never be too careful.

And, of course, we need a transportation infrastructure upgrade to make sure that nobody gets confused.

Naturally the FDOT lawyers are going to insist on full disclosure signs so injured pedestrians can’t sue.

Because they always claim they never saw it coming.

Now let’s address the real traffic problem on University Avenue.

Oh, and no more Mr. Nice Guy when it comes to cracking down.

And finally, can’t we just cut to the chase and get to the heart of the problem?

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