The night GNV painted the sky

Listen, perspective is everything.

So to get a new perspective on life, the universe and everything, we decided to watch GNV’s year-end Sparks In The Park from a slightly different, um, point of view.

Instead of looking up at it in Depot Park, we decided that the view right next door at First Mag would suffice.


I’ll just say up front that the view was fantastic.

And the beer wasn’t bad either.

It was like the trees around us were aflame.

And First Mag even threw in its own mini pyrotechnic displays to supplement the exploding sky.

You hadda been there.

The night GNV painted the sky.

It was epic. (Did I mention there was beer?)

Anyway, that’s another year in the books. And you won’t believe what’s going to happen in 2023.

Happy New Year GNV!

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