The future ain’t what it used to be

Listen, I have seen the future. And it’s kind of scary.

Actually, I never expected to find a Museum Of The Future in an ancient city like Nuremberg. But according to what I discovered in the local castle, they’ve been screwing around with science hereabouts for a long time.

At least since the days of the Holy Roman Empire. So why not go to Nuremberg for a glimpse of what life, the universe and everything has in store for us?

I’m just gonna say this. The future is not for sissies. But there are some benefits to look, um, forward to.

On the minus side, you’re going to have to live with your whole surveillance society thing on steroids.

On the plus side. Sex robots!

Plus they can run you through a body scanner and tell you exactly what’s wrong with you. (Although, truth be told, folks have been telling me exactly what’s wrong with me most of my life.)

Plus cities are going to get scary unless we come up with some alternatives. We can live in space cities. We can live in underwater cities….or we can live in cellophane bags in New York City. Your choice.

Not to scare anyone, but they do have this really cool 3-D exhibit showing what exactly will happen to us once the electricity has been out for 1,000 days. Apparently, the deer are going to do alright.

On the subject of cities, they want us to imagine the future of micro-mobility.

I choose this.

Also on the plus side, there will be lots of cool inventions. Like this nifty personal microwave oven on the right. (Or maybe its a micro-processor. I forget.)

And absolutely DO NOT WORRY about whether robots will be our friends. Absolutely!

Seriously, nothing to worry about here, folks.

It’s gonna be fine.

What could possibly go wrong?

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