The Super Saturation Solution

Turns out the NRA had GNV’s number. Who knew?

Gainesville has a gun problem. We know this because kids keep shooting each other, city commissioners keep nattering about it and GPD has come up with a multi-faceted program to try to simmer things down.

You know, mentoring disaffected young people, calling on community organizations, neighbors and the like to help mediate conflicts before they go hot and so on.

“We call it a violence interruption program,” GOD Chief Tony Jones says.

I dunno but it sounds like the sort of fuzzy headed liberal, common senseless thinking that got Gainesville into this mess to begin with.

And totally unnecessary…we’ve already seen the NRA’s proven gun violence solution – To wit: The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun – play itself out right here in our own little liberal college town.

Just the other day a bad guy with a gun walked into a downtown Gainesville club with mischief on his mind. Thank goodness he ran into not one but two good guys with guns to thwart his nefarious plan.

“The gentleman tried to go into the bar. Refuses to pay the cover charge. Gets into an altercation with security guards who are there. Not officers, but private security guards,” GPD spokesman Graham Glover said. “He shoots at them. They shoot back at him. He is then transported to Shands with non life-threatening injuries.”

Ta Da! Just like we see on all those good-guys-with-guns TV shows almost every danged day.

True, the good guys with guns didn’t have permits to carry them, but that’s a paperwork violation soon to be rectified.

Gov. Ron DeSantis has said he is ready to sign legislation to eliminate the pesky necessity of carrying a carry permit. Listen, not every good guy has the time, patience or foresight to fill out all those forms.

“The presence of firearms makes (violent) people think twice about what they are going to do,” assures Howie-in-the-Hills State Rep. Anthony Sabatini, who has filed a House Bill to allow the unlicensed carrying of concealed guns.

It’s called Constitutional Carry, folks. The Constitution says guns are good. Ergo good guys should be able to carry them with no muss, fuss or bother.

Oh, I can hear you GNV FHLs (Fuzzy Headed Liberals) whining: We’ve already saturated our city, streets and neighborhoods with guns…won’t it just make things worse when just about anybody can pack heat without a by-your-leave?

Absolutely not.

“There is no reason to look at constitutional carry as something that would spur gun violence because people can already carry firearms. And anyone who can legally carry a firearm is going to do it whether it’s a constitutional carry State or not,” Sabatini said.

Finally we are on to something.

If Gainesville has a gun problem despite the fact that we have saturated our city, streets and neighborhoods with guns, the solution is clear.

Call it the Super Saturation Solution.

It’s so simple that I can’t believe I have to spell it out. But here goes.

If the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, then we clearly need more good guys with guns.

If we super-saturate our city, streets and neighborhoods with still more guns then more good guys than bad guys will be walking around cocked, locked and loaded.

How do I know this? It’s a common sense solution.

Most of us think of ourselves as good guys. Most of us don’t wake up in the morning thinking “Hey, maybe I’ll shoot my way into a night club today.” Au contraire.

Which brings me back to some more of that Fuzzy-Headed Liberal GNV thinking. When they were being briefed about GPD’s gun buyback program, one city commissioner wanted to know what happens to the guns that GPD buys back.

They were assured that the guns are destroyed lest they turn up at a crime scene.

Wrong! Clearly GPD ought to be redistributing those bought back guns as fast as they buy them…but only to the good guys.

How would they know the good guys from the bad guys? Simple: “Excuse me sir, but did you wake up this morning thinking about shooting your way into a night club?”

If the answer is no, then hand over the heat. If it’s yes, then don’t.

Imagine if the next time a carload of punk kids try to shoot up a birthday party they get return fire from the grandma across the street, the pizza delivery guy just driving by, the crazy old uncle living upstairs in somebody’s attic, the birthday boy….heck, even the clown that mom and dad hired to blow up dog-shaped balloons.

“Bad guys with guns thwarted in a hail of good guys with guns bullets,” The Sun’s next day headline would trumpet.

It’s so simple even a cave man could do it.

Listen, it’s the American way!

So let’s go Brandon…um…GNV.

Oh, and if all of the above reeks of some sort of mass insanity, then at least ours is a uniquely American form of mass madness.

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